Dr. Seuss Inspired Flower Vase Vase’s base is a rubber flower vase wrapped with linen material and textile yarn.  The flowers are made of bamboo sticks and pompoms of various yarns. Hardware Mesh Frame Made to hold photographs or earrings.  Earrings with the fish hook are hung on the mesh and […]


As I’ve said before in previous blog posts (and to anyone who will listen) I love to paint.  These are just some playful designs I’ve painted for fun.  I like to paint on different backgrounds including canvas, salvaged wood and tin, window frames, and paper just to name a few.  I love oil paint for […]


I adore the character of an old steamer trunk.  This belonged to an old family friend and I’m sure it was the trunk she took to college way back when. To pick this bad boy up and move it is quite tricky. It is heavy and cumbersome empty, I can’t imagine moving it while its […]


I am always on the look out for inspiration.   I love going to antique stores and flea markets to search out new ideas as well as old ones to that can be revitalized.  Plus I am a sucker for vintage pottery and vinyl records.  This week I lucked up on some amazing plastic letters! […]


I had a lot of fun last week making these custom cork boards from wooden trays.  I love to find uses for things most people would just throw away.  Currently I am exploring other things to make from wine and champagne corks  to expand from the standard cork board.  These designs are currently available at […]

Lately I’ve been playing around with turning my old photos into graphic renderings.  I’ve also been using found images in my designs. I suppose I’m trying to find a logo.   The spotted fox I would like to use as a pattern for a relief print.  These are just a few simple things that I’ve […]


I’ve been on the hunt for something new to do with my old, unworn clothes.  Sure I donate them, make t-shirt quilts, and use old socks for rags or puppy toys. I’m always on the look out to give new a new purpose to unused items.  Months ago I ran across a book while shopping, Sew […]


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